31 October 2010

.: 5 Reason's Why I'm Single :.

1. Girls always cheat/played my heart.

2. I put 100% trust on love, and what I got back is just a fuc sadness and disturb emotional abnormal for my life.

3. I'm not good looking, a emotional guy that craps girls out. Because I'm not good looking/poor/lonely.

4. I'm not 'Matured'. And they call me 考えすぎ 'kangaesugi' mean I think so much and then I just dont know what the hell I'm going to do.

5. I'm a loser. So there is nothing more bout it. I'm sick of love.

So girls. Don't ask me why ok anymore ok? I'm sick of it. By any chance. I might find one. But dont force me do. サンキュウ~ :3

Oh btw.


Tukang Mop said...

Entri sungguh mendalam sampai saya tara faham.

Ridz said...

hahha..jgn paham..baca je..ekwakkeekeke

Tukang Mop said...

Gud answer for a strong blogger!

Ridz said...

tu answer ala ala artis gitu